2011/04/26(Tue) 00:15
Basically, this

My mom first alerted me about the weird smell in my bag when she took a sniff in it one day. I wasn't that alarmed as I'm thinking she's up to her usual ramblings on "my smell". Her degree of "smelly" was never the case to me.

And then just this morning, I accidentally took a whiff and I had to wrinkle my nose. There was this powerful sour odour that came bursting within the bag. Clearly, it wasn't my smell but I thought nothing of it, intending to letting it wash tonight.

And just a few minutes ago, while emptying the contents of my bag, I finally traced the source of the smell.

I dug out a flattened but heavy orange plastic bag, it had been hidden among the piles of my other empty plastic bags which I used to hold clothes and stuff for my gym outings. I opened up the bag only to see another clear plastic bag, but the contents were just like a scene out of fear factor.

I stared blankly at it for what seem like ages, trying to remember anything about it. Whatever it was, it probably has been sitting in the bowels of my bag for at least close to a few weeks, give or take. I saw a piece of paper among the sludge and then it just hit me what this is.

It was, a pork bun.

I took it to my parents' bedroom and showed them excitedly what I found and what caused my bag to stank so much. Needless to say, they didn't share my enthusiasm. After a few immediate feedback of my stupidity, how rancid the smell was and the incessant mass spraying of air freshener, I was ejected from the room.

Parents just don't share the strange happenings their children exposes to them sometimes.

And as for my bag and my other contents, thankfully by a stroke of luck, the sludge had never spilled out of the plastic bag at all. But the bag had to be put into an emergency wash and my stuff has to be aired out.

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The Double

2011/04/02(Sat) 16:28

I know who my cherished true friends are, however the reverse is usually relatively unknown to me until the truth is revealed, often in a myriad of unexpected ways. Good news is always welcomed however.

I just marked H, a friend into the list of people I can constantly rely on whenever, wherever. And people in this list, I would even gladly die for them (and not just metaphorically speaking).

That horrendous issue from the year before has yet to be expelled from both my mind and soul entirely, I want to bury everything that isn't into a grave and move on with my life. However, uncertainties and denial kept bombarding, clouding my mind - to the point I became such a wreck, forever encased in blurred questions whose answers cannot be seek.

He graciously lent me his facebook account and I entered the profile and world of an individual I had last long left behind suspended in the whirlpool of time. I was mildly surprised by what I saw on his wall, it is the truth he has changed.

But only towards me.

All his comments, it was filled with emotions, light, and a warmhearted laughter with the occasional cracking of jokes. As far as I can remember, what I received was the polar opposite. One liners, random log-offs and multiple retorts with subliminal hidden messages.

As a person, he has failed, in both friendship, morals, pride and dignity.

And I digress, he has took up photography and also an owner of a Nikon D90. What's more disturbing is that his display picture on his facebook is somewhat similar to mine in terms of angle.

Somewhere in between, something went wrong and I don't know what it is.


Someday, maybe, but just not now.

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2011/03/27(Sun) 02:53

Dusk is the manifestation of our fears, but I think it's really serene apart from it being the time of resting. Throw in the appropriate song to compliment it, and you're all set for enjoying the seemingly never-ending night.


The night makes me think, of many things that I would never have gave a second thought to, well at least on a more intensive level. And tonight, I was thinking a little bit of the state of happenings here and beyond.

I feel very pent up, very rarely I can find someone to confide and spill everything irregardless because I know they will still regard me the same way. This is why I have a blog, to get rid of those unwanted feelings. Besides, it's not healthy to store them forever, a happy heart is a happy life.



My MMOs are my second life, my haven. Yes, it's not real but I run away to hide from the world's insatiable hunger of expectations which are more plausible here.

I finally +15 my orb and strangely, it didn't took any failures - aside from the L65 stones I was experimenting with, which pathetically failed. A little more to go before I hit General status, and then finally I will obtain my new PVP tome!

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2011/03/14(Mon) 05:00
Basically, this

I live my life each day as if it was the last, well in some theory, it is. I stop to take a look around me and as much as I always thought and felt I was alone, I'm not. While ahead of me, people of talents shine forward and brightly like a star, I maybe stagnant and shine a little less bright, but behind my shadow lies pillars of support.

Not a thousand, not even a mere ten - but at least there's one. One who still has faith, has hope for and has love for.

Thank you, because of you, I will keep on living.

There's still so much to do with the little time each and every one of us have. Don't give up.

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2011/03/05(Sat) 23:16
Basically, this

I've been stuck with micro-blogging on Facebook as an avenue for my pent up emotions lately, but honestly, I don't think it's good enough since it's so on-the-top summarized.

I can't write a long enough paragraph to save my life these days, the years of having the need not to do any papers nor writing have staled any form of present knowledge and progress.

Been questioning my self-worth lately, what am I good for? What can I do? What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish in the end? There's way too much time but so little we can actually make use of.

And once again, I stop here, incomplete.

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