Party time

2010/12/19(Sun) 04:36
Basically, this

I've been missing out on way too many social activities, enough to probably scale my life to another level. And today, I didn't pass on this one, and brought back enough balloons to fill up my lifeless room. I attended a secondary school classmate's birthday party at this chic joint called the Shanghai Dolly.

Apparently, there were only 2 more familiar faces in my clique, so yeah, gotta stick to your clique! The dress theme was unmistakeably, 'shanghai'. Being not the knowledgeable fashionista I am, the least I could do was to top a semi-formal outfit with a Hanna hat. Personally, Jia Zhen's (the birthday girl) family did a better job of sticking as close to the theme as possible, compared to her friends sector.

Speeches, pleasant food/drinks, photo montage, serenades...pretty exhaustive list we got there on the itinerary. Some of the menu were rather exotic, too my point of view at least. I believe I had never encountered a pasta recipe which involves sour green apples in them. The cranberry juice was a blast, but most of the drinks had too much ice in them as opposed to the actual content.

The atmosphere is worth commenting, unfortunately I was unable to supply myself with a camera as my sister was using her's for the day. Luckily I was able to borrow from Matthew a spare camera which really didn't work as well as what he was using, but still able to complete the job.

Sandra also took the opportunity to pass an over belated birthday gift in a form of the black Mokona, Larg. To while the time before the other highlights of the party, I actually had fun experimenting with Larg to see how many balloons it took just to completely lift him up the ground. The physics is incomprehensible to me as I managed to hit a bare minimum of balloons, such that removing or adding one more precisely determines it's lifting or falling.

Unfortunately, I didn't stay long enough for the cake cutting. Jia Zhen's brother took a span of two days it seems, to make two rather huge cakes layered heavily with coloured icing for both her and their cousin; who happened to have the same birthday as her. It was fun taking off to public with a horde of balloons behind my shoulder. I'm just glad I didn't took public transport, because I wouldn't fit through the door.

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