You look, before you actually sit

2010/12/15(Wed) 00:51
Pointlessly Important

Have you ever wondered, what goes through the cogwheels of somebody's head before they opt to sit down beside you on the bus? Especially if there are other seats around, but with one of the double seats occupied by another.


Could have been the seat position, but I should say who is sitting in the seat matters greatly as well.

A hot muscular hunk?

A bodacious sexy female?

A sweet old granny?

A boisterous little boy?

A smelly middle aged uncle who can't stop looking at you?

Typical categories, but really now. Take some consideration, especially the next time, when you are the one choosing the seat. When they decide to sit their butt down beside you, it's obvious, you look better than the other choices.

Or, among the minority, it could been simply because they're programmed to sit down on the first empty seat they spot. The world works in ways we're unable to comprehend.

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