2011/04/27(Wed) 20:51
Basically, this

My dad probably has the foulest of mouths out there with a strange twist. Just yesterday and this morning, he had been badgering me to use the new umbrella he bought for me. I refused, declined and firmly rejected. In the end, it rained down on me hard this evening. And I was just shooting my mouth yesterday on the odds of rain, and besides even if it did, I usually don't have that kind of luck to leave the office early. And by the time I do leave, the rain would have halted.

Everything went the reverse, perfectly - of course.

Another thing that has been raining down hard would be the nation's general election. Even though it happens once every five years, the sheer amount of publicity put into GE would probably put publicity for the recent Justin Bieber's concert in Singapore to shame.

Someone in my office was just commenting about how the representatives would hardly ever show their faces during their "off" election periods. But to garner votes, they would do...seemingly anything and everything for it. Politics, are an area someone my age would hardly consider neither stepping nor dwelling into.

Not that I don't give a hoot's worth about but it's probably because I hardly understand what's going on about and around it. Singapore is just a democratic country, and that seems all I need to know.

All those messages linked with national service, on what you can do for your country and vice versa, sound almost incomparable with the government's business. While we have the right to vote for what and who we believe in, it is obviously beyond our control what the people in that upper level can do for us. Of course, extending school and working hours to 12 hours a day to increase productivity is never going to happen (thankfully), but reconsidering the needs and wants of every citizens, it's not easy to fulfill everybody's demands.

Couple A, a newlywed, would be worried about getting a HDB flat of their own, given today's astronomical cost in almost everything, housing is just one of the money barriers alongside the other necessities of standard living in Singapore these days. Person B, a single working individual, and let's up the bar by saying he's an orphan but thankfully he still holds a decent job with regular income. But by any means, he also wishes to purchase a flat of his own instead of constantly having to live in a rented one.

Who can make both of their wishes come true? These are just reasonable demands, housing. But sadly, above anything else, there's just costs and competition to not will such a fair ending from happening. In fact, unless Person B is a highflyer, Couple A is more likely to get their housing wish first, and if lucky, give or take, few years down the road.

In the end, it's all about good governance, publicity and promises don't usually go hand in hand all the time. And even at the age of 30 and beyond, competition still rears the ugly head of envy and greed among the different opposition.

Tell me why, other than the future outcome affecting you, why would almost anyone be too overly concerned with the general election. I'm 21, full fledged with rights to vote, but I'm probably gonna withhold myself of that right, and simply sit and stare...for now.

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