2011/04/26(Tue) 00:15
Basically, this

My mom first alerted me about the weird smell in my bag when she took a sniff in it one day. I wasn't that alarmed as I'm thinking she's up to her usual ramblings on "my smell". Her degree of "smelly" was never the case to me.

And then just this morning, I accidentally took a whiff and I had to wrinkle my nose. There was this powerful sour odour that came bursting within the bag. Clearly, it wasn't my smell but I thought nothing of it, intending to letting it wash tonight.

And just a few minutes ago, while emptying the contents of my bag, I finally traced the source of the smell.

I dug out a flattened but heavy orange plastic bag, it had been hidden among the piles of my other empty plastic bags which I used to hold clothes and stuff for my gym outings. I opened up the bag only to see another clear plastic bag, but the contents were just like a scene out of fear factor.

I stared blankly at it for what seem like ages, trying to remember anything about it. Whatever it was, it probably has been sitting in the bowels of my bag for at least close to a few weeks, give or take. I saw a piece of paper among the sludge and then it just hit me what this is.

It was, a pork bun.

I took it to my parents' bedroom and showed them excitedly what I found and what caused my bag to stank so much. Needless to say, they didn't share my enthusiasm. After a few immediate feedback of my stupidity, how rancid the smell was and the incessant mass spraying of air freshener, I was ejected from the room.

Parents just don't share the strange happenings their children exposes to them sometimes.

And as for my bag and my other contents, thankfully by a stroke of luck, the sludge had never spilled out of the plastic bag at all. But the bag had to be put into an emergency wash and my stuff has to be aired out.

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