2011/03/27(Sun) 02:53

Dusk is the manifestation of our fears, but I think it's really serene apart from it being the time of resting. Throw in the appropriate song to compliment it, and you're all set for enjoying the seemingly never-ending night.


The night makes me think, of many things that I would never have gave a second thought to, well at least on a more intensive level. And tonight, I was thinking a little bit of the state of happenings here and beyond.

I feel very pent up, very rarely I can find someone to confide and spill everything irregardless because I know they will still regard me the same way. This is why I have a blog, to get rid of those unwanted feelings. Besides, it's not healthy to store them forever, a happy heart is a happy life.



My MMOs are my second life, my haven. Yes, it's not real but I run away to hide from the world's insatiable hunger of expectations which are more plausible here.

I finally +15 my orb and strangely, it didn't took any failures - aside from the L65 stones I was experimenting with, which pathetically failed. A little more to go before I hit General status, and then finally I will obtain my new PVP tome!

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