The Chinese New Year Trilogy I

2011/02/05(Sat) 03:53
Basically, this

Sounds epic for a title, but I like the way it rings.

Right, before I end up with a blank mind in front of a blank canvas moment again, I want to make the mark of today (or specifically yesterday, or the day before that, you get the general idea!).

First day, typical blahs, wake up late, rush to dress and swallow breakfast and meds in minute quantities. My family makes the same promises to do better the year after but it seems it just seems just laughable at the attempt we make up for it one year later.




The phone rang.


Third time's the charm.

As you can see, a really candid moment while taking a family shot at my maternal grandmother's house. We wanted a perfect shot, but the imperfections is what made these little moments perfect, silly us.

The rest of the day were pretty on course, until a random event came up...


That's my neighbour's house and, no, I was not attempting a heist. Apparently, they didn't secure their secondary door properly. And their adventurous pet dog managed to make it out through the gates. It was only courtesy to the keen eye of my relatives that we managed to bring the dog back to the corridor. (they found him sniffing the rubbish bin at a walkway some distance away from our block)

But the question was, how to put the dog back into the house?

It squeezed and nudged itself out, it would be suicidal to force it back in the same way since it wouldn't make it without cracking some shoulders. We ended up babysitting the dog who was more than appreciating with the company.


Like I said, it was definitely a natural with the girls and children. Well that was until we had to adjourn to another location which brings the next step on what to do with the dog. A decision was made to tie it with raffia string to it's grille gate. The source of puppy-dog eyes is really credible.

My only disagreement was that the string was ridiculously short, an oversight by my dad. This made the dog rather restricted in position, degrees and area of movement.

Well the dog didn't blame us, because when we reached home and updated our neighbours on what went on in their absence; it was elated to see us. The barking and the wagging made it worthwhile; see, even dogs can have a happy chinese new year in the rabbit zodiac.

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