2011/01/22(Sat) 22:04
Basically, this

I had immersed myself into sinful indulges, in the form of shopping. Today, I had bought a Sony PSP Lite 3000, 2 years late with regards to it's official release. I catch up to trends slow, but the final crucial factor that impede me on my choice was because Natsume released Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley on PSP.

Fandom decided above everything else. I'm probably going to get shot in the rear for making a seemingly redundant purchase, according to my mom anyway.

Sim Lim Square is no doubt the best place to look for IT gadgets and knick-knacks, and unfortunately, the worst place to start off for the naive IT shopper. Store owners are all out for a delicious profit and seldom are there honest and down to earth people who will provide you with what you want, at the market price. They do exist within the endless maze of a building, it just takes a little patience and dedication to search it out.

It was a little nightmare for me, and throwing in the fact I was alone. I had to sharpen my wits and be on my guards, a second or two too long while staring at a product or lingering in a shop would automatically set someone greeting me and asking me with hopeful eyes if I want to make a sale. Sim Lim Square really lived up to it's name, I was almost ripped off. But after a couple of intermittent phone calls between me to a friend and my sister, I was able to steady and find out what I should be looking for and look out for.

I was about to give up after several loops around the place, until I saw a shop with a display of a PSP and it's parts dissembled in a case. That often hints of an existence of a modded PSP being sold, as what I have found out with the 7 or more other shops who didn't and thus only sold the original item.

And jackpot, dedication paid off. Not only did they have what I seeked, the price was literally god's blessing. As of now, my new prized item is sitting in my bedroom, being charged on an adapter.

Shopping, is exhausting, which I found out as well.

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