Colour Me Aion

2010/12/13(Mon) 19:59

I've been crazy about playing with Photoshop for as long as I can remember, at least until I last worked on something seriously. It was odd considering I was coerced to actually pick up Photoshop. And eventually, what was seen as a chore begun to nurtured into interest and passion.

I have no rough goals, seeing this mostly as a pastime to while time away. And throwing in with my crazed gaming lifestyle, it is actually very desirable. As with my end products, I don't exactly support the notion of a playing a game that isn't eye candy.


Aion's a different case, although high intensity graphics mean a higher need for a well spec engine and the works. Plus the fact, it adds to lag, a gathering of players in huge numbers can lead to a colourful burst and disconnection thereafter.

I could watch my Templar character all day as he hits training dummies~

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