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2010 is drawing to a close soon, it would be almost actually cliche to say a lot of things have happened in that year, unless you happened to be living under a rock same like last year. I just want to draft out a recollection before the year completely draws to a close.

Q: Name the possibly best thing you ever done in 2010.

A: I "rescued" a colleague from being punished just because of some careless shit I did. When I reasoned with my boss to let him off, she did. And even though I still got punished for it, I felt smiles bursting out of mouth, I swear I had never remembered that last time I had that wide of a grin.

Q: Name the possibly worst thing you had ever done in 2010.

A: As far as my memory guides me, I think it's probably acting like wimpy jerk who went raging around the house just because there were some issues against me and the Internet.

Q: Name the possibly most tragic thing you saw in 2010.

A: My sister's hamster passing on, even my mom who was "freaked" out easily by animals actually shed a tear on it's passing on. I had never seen that happened before.

Q: Name the possibly worst moment in 2010.

A: A close friend abandoning me after I told him some secrets I thought I could share my trust in. Guess he and I can't share the same view point on things, and we parted ways. 6 years of friendship completely washed away...

Q: Your <21st>* Birthday in 2010, how was it?

*If you weren't 21 in 2010, replace it with your correct age

A: Pretty quiet, just like most other birthdays. I'm just a sucker for being in my own world.

Q: Singapore's 2010 of the year shocker*

*In your own opinion

A: The passing on of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, everybody dies one day, but I just wished she could live on longer.

Q: Name the possibly best lingering moment of 2010 you would remember.

A: A guy around my age I think was on the MRT train, I boarded the same station as he did. After about 2-3 stations later, there were two available seats in front of him. He proceeded to try to sit down but he saw two incoming old ladies and he passed it to them. They thanked him with a smile and sat down. Couple of stations later, a free seat was available behind him, but a repeat case happened again, only this time it was an elderly old man. The old man also thanked him gratefully.

Finally after what seemed an eternity, the two old ladies reached their stopped and beckoned him to take one of their seats and he did. But interestingly, the next station was his destination and he alighted from the train soon after. He deserves my unwavering admiration.

Q: Best self-confident moment of 2010.

A: I actually took an effort to dress up for a friend's birthday party, something I would never have taken pride in doing. I took a long look at the mirror and stared hard at myself.

Q. Most awkward, 2010.

A. I have to come face to face with people I once knew and didn't talk to anymore (due to some reasons) at a mutual friend's birthday party. I think I totally died and became a wallflower.

Q. Name the possibly best English song of 2010.

A. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Q. Name the possibly best Chinese song of 2010.

A. This is a very very broad selection, but I would have to say; 你不知道的事 - 王力宏

Q. Your snapshot of 2010. (must be a picture you took)



At a friend's birthday party, I saw clusters of helium filled balloons everywhere. And then I happen to spot one balloon falling down slowly from the ceiling probably due to running out of helium.

Q. Quote of 2010

A. "For you you to insult me, I must first value your opinion."

Q. Name 10 people that comes to mind now. (friends or family)


1) Sandra
2) Matthew
3) Jason
4) Jia Zhen
5) Derrick
6) Sidney
7) Kaslyn
8) Xuan Xin
9) Mei Yin
10) Wei Bao

Now pass it on to another 10, and get them to do this hasty recollection before 2010 is over! Happy New Year all~

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