2010/12/27(Mon) 18:26

How do you forget someone?

How do you forgive someone?

How do you move on?

I try to accept the facts, look over the other side and try to move on graciously. But no, I'm not noble saint, I still can't overlook the fact that I got betrayed and hurt badly. It's not like this pathetic excuse for a scrap will care whether I am angry or not, as long I stop 'appearing' in his life.

Some close friend, I cringed at the thought that such a term was previously existential. Why, why come into my life and befriend me when you're just going to toss me aside? Fear makes the even the most loyal stupidly illogical.

I hate to curse and dislike someone, it's a waste of my time and emotions really. But I really need help with this one. What can I do?

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