2010/12/13(Mon) 01:56
Basically, this

This is probably my 4th blog transition, I've bounced from so many blog host sites to another; looking for the seemingly perfect haven. I've always wanted to register under a Japanese blog host, but due to lost-in-translation problems, I always dropped the idea. I don't exactly recall FC2 allowing English in the past, but whatever, all that matters is that now I'm here!

This is nothing more than a test entry, and as the story goes, I'll tag my journey using this catalyst as a log. So that not only there will be something to look forward to, but also something to look back for, and remember.

I'm still recovering in spirit, but I want to let bygones be bygones. I want to break free from this, doesn't feel so good to be chaining myself to a remnants of something I already let go. If he forever doesn't understand, it's his problem, not mine.


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